Dear Prospective Sponsor,

Saint Francis Xavier School Men’s Club will be conducting a Crawfish Boil Fund Raiser to benefit Saint Francis Xavier School on Friday, March 27, 2020. In the past we have been fortunate to have many sponsors. This year we also are looking for sponsors to continue the tradition of helping our Crawfish Boil to remain a successful event which supports St. Francis Xavier operating expenses to expand cultural, athletic, and educational opportunities for the children.

All of our sponsors will be listed on a banner and proudly displayed in our school yard during this event and other events during the next twelve months.

We are accepting sponsorships at the three levels shown below on our Sponsorship form.

Business, Family, and non-profit Organizations are all eligible to sponsor this event. So, please consider participating at one of our sponsorship levels.

On behalf of St Francis Xavier School Men’s Club, thank you for your support.

Keith Freire

St. Francis Xavier School Men’s Club President