2023 Bourbon Raffle

The Men’s Club of St. Francis Xavier Catholic School is excited to announce that we will host our 2nd annual (mostly) Bourbon Raffle benefiting St. Francis Xavier School and the children who attend. The Bourbon Raffle will be held on Thursday, November 2, 2023 around 7:15 p.m. The primary raffle now consists of 37 single bottles and 5 baskets (bottle/basket list pictured below).   Each bottle will be identified/announced prior to selecting each ticket, with 42 separate winning tickets selected.

10/24/23 Update: We have added a new bottle to the Regular raffle, Mitchers 10 year Rye.

$25.00 donation per entry. Limited entries/tickets are available for the Bourbon Raffle. Your ticket(s) numbers will automatically be emailed to the email address you provide.

Everyone who donates/contributes $250 will be automatically entered to a separate premium liquor raffle. One premium raffle ticket per $250 entry. Entries will capped for the premium raffle at 300 entries. This premium raffle will have 10 prizes, listed below:

  1. William Larue Weller
  2. Pappy Van Winkle 15 year
  3. Heaven Hill 20 year
  4. Masters Keep Unforgotten
  5. B.L.A.N.T.O.N.S Set (8 Bottles of Blanton’s)
  6. Weller Vertical Set (6 bottles – SR, 12yr, 107, Full Proof, SB, CYPB)
  7. River Ridge Barrel Pick Basket (10 Bottles)
  8. Eagle Rare Barrel Pick Basket (5 Bottles of Eagle from five retailers)
  9. Russell’s Reserve Basket ( 4 Bottles – 6 yr., 10 yr., Single Barrel, and 13 yr.)
  10. Knob Creek Basket (4 Bottles – 9 yr., 12 yr, 15 yr., and 18 yr.)

You will receive a separate premium raffle ticket number (# 1 – 300).  The administrator will separately track the premium raffle ticket entries, and a list of each premium raffle entry and ticket number will be emailed by the admin to the entrants on 11/2/23 (early afternoon).

The raffle will be conducted via Facebook live (or similar platform).  Please join the Facebook group: 2023 SFX Mens Club (mostly) Bourbon Raffle, which is where we intend to publish and record the raffle video.  All winners will be contacted via email and/or telephone after the raffle is complete. Men’s Club will coordinate delivery and/or pickup of all prizes.


1) The next twenty (20) people who purchase a total of 14 tickets ($350) will receive two premium raffle entries.  Winners will be notified after this incentive is closed.

  • Prior purchases can be combined with a new purchase totaling 14 tickets.  For example, if someone previously donated/purchased 10 tickets ($250), he/she can purchase 4 additional tickets ($100) to combine for a donation of $350.  He/She would receive the second premium raffle entry.
  • Anyone who previously donated $350 will automatically receive the 2nd premium raffle entry (no additional purchase necessary).
  • Anyone who previously received/won a prior invective must purchase $350 in new tickets to secure this incentive for two premium raffle tickets.
  • The premium raffle will not exceed 300 tickets at any time.
2) Incentive # 2: CLOSED 10/25/23 at 7:19 pm

Thank you to the following sponsors for helping make this fundraiser possible:

Market 45
Ricky’s Discount
A&M Discount
Savannah Discount
River Ridge Wine and Spirits
Market on Magazine
S&T Discount (Houma)